Wannabe-encrypted source-code, everytime you have a "eval()" in you code it's dangerous, this tool makes it easier to decode that kind of source to make sure that it's not doing anything nasty to you or your visitors.


Paste your obfuscated code in the text-area and press the button accordingly to the algorithm you wish to apply, more will be added as work progresses. If you have any sugestion, please send them to mail@decloak.dk


Don't break the law, don't break copyright, don't break licenses, if someone ask you to not remove his copyright then don't do it or don't use his software. In no way do we condone any sort of illegal activies, please respect this.


This software is provied as-is by Mikjaer ApS, a Danish security consultant company. We offer this service for free to help people validate foreign code running on their own systems, and to help improve security in general.

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